Point 15

Key elements

In my video, I believe the most significant components which establish it to be considered as part of the dance/ EDM genre, would be the choreography and aesthetically pleasing setting, being the use of greenery.


Audience Member


8.-Chaver.jpgThe concept of the song “Wild Thoughts” encompasses a certain rave, club culture,  subsequently associating itself with a relatively diverse audience of pre- teens, teenagers and young adults, whom may be enticed by snazzy strobe lights, mainstream designer outfits, and the generic facade of a constantly jubilant lifestyle. The video I intend to create will attract said viewer, partygoer, by means of aesthetically pleasing scenery and rehearsed choreography.

Textual Analysis

In terms of inspiration for the video i intend to produce to Dj Khaled’s “wild thoughts”, I am examining videos such as Tinashe’s “Party favours”



The video features a typical party scene. Disregarding the extensive objectification of women as well as the consumption of alcohol and drugs, I intend to recreate the aesthetic derived from the use of lighting and re-hearsed choreography to convey a positive and more so buoyant impression. There is a variety of shots and camera angles used, from long shots to two shots to middle shots, positively correlating to the muddled feel of the video, further  portraying a sense of cheerfulness and excitement.  The video is shot in what seem to be a somewhat mysterious house consisting of a group of young enthusiastic actors.


I am also looking to imitate certain factors from the music video for Stefflon Don’s track “Envy Us”.

The video has similarities with Tinashes “party favours”, however there is a significant difference in regards to camera angles.There is more of a focus on the singer in this video, through the use of wide and close up shots as well as placement of the singer in them middle or in front of the crowd, conveying dominance and leadership. The general feel for the video is again a party scene similarly enhanced through colourful lights, notwithstanding the significant role costume plays in differentitating the singers from the res too then crowd.


Things to consider

In terms of the actual music video I plan to produce for DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts”, I am examining the use of key elements such as;


.Lip syncing- Lip syncing is very straight forward, it is silent lip movement in synchronisation with the pre-recorded track. This can be achieved to a large extent, making it appear as if the person on screen is singing the song. I may choose to approach this through rehearsed attempts, in order to reduce risk of mispronounced lyrics, however it seems a good option to have the song playing out loud in the background then later on muted to only hear the pre-recorded track, facilitating performance.


.Lighting-  Lighting is a significant factor in the presentation of a music video in terms of portraying spirit or whatever vibe intended. I plan to use bisexual lighting in which, the colours mirror those of the bisexual pride flag, suggesting the lighting design is a direct reference to the symbol. The lighting however is also said to be a reference to the 80s aesthetic.


.Camera Angles and editing- In terms of camera angles, I intend to use a range of shots, such as tracking shots, wide shots and two shots, however i plan to focus on close single shots, relative to the verse playing on the song. This is solely to capture as much facial expression as possible, in order to convey a relatable feel.

Research into DJ Khaled

Despite the extensive success of “Wild thoughts”, DJ khaled is significantly well known for other tracks such as;

1.I’m the One, featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the rapper and Lil wayne. Released on April 28th, 2017, the song debuted on top of the billboard hot 100, earning the infamous DJ his first official number 1 chart single.

-In terms of the music video for the song, there are similarities with the video for “Wild thoughts” in connection with the use of palm trees and greenery to portray a sort of exotic, tropical vibe, effectively making the viewer’s liven up to an extent through the luminous colours.

2. The video for DJ khalid’s 3x Platinum record, “All i do is win” has no such correlation in terms of scenery, however the video is effective in portraying a sense of ignorance, which gives the viewers a sort of care free vibe, when listening to the song

3.The video for “Do you mind”, released on July 28th 2016, follows a more extravagant approach, featuring a luxurious mansion, of similarities with the one used in the “I’m the one” video. Again the use of alluring greenery is a main factor in the appeal for the video.


Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled

I have chosen UMG artist DJ Khaled ‘s latin inspired song “Wild thoughts” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. The song was released in June 16, 2017 and had an imminent effect in terms of positive response, peaking at number 2 on the US billboard top 100.

I’ve chosen this track in specific due to its raw individuality in terms of video as well a s the actual song