website draft

I decided to use the minimalistic approach, avoiding flooding the viewer with too much at one time. The colour palette I plan to use is Green white and black. I included icons at the footer of the page, which act as hyperlinks, directing viewers to the artits’s social media. Besides the embedded music video, I added tour dates as well, to give the website a sense of authenticity. In order to make the website seem more realistic, I also aim include copyright claim.





Choosing my website

I chose Weebly as opposed to Wix, as I find it less buggy. I think the Weebly interface is better in general. Their support is better. I also prefer their standard designs more. They have a whole lot of widgets which you can install based on what you want. Weebly also has multi tiered pricing for different needs.


Elements to include in my website

. I will place muy logo at the top right corner of the website.

.I will make a menu, linking viewers to various sections, being; Tour page, store and subscription link.

.I will add links to the artist social media.

.I will follow a specific colour palette, which will liven up the website, appealing to viewers.

.I will place a picture of my artist on the front page.

Band website 2 Analysis

Block party is an English rock band, formed in 1999. Their website is also quite minimalistic. Their colour palette is that of grey, white and black. The homepage is divided into 3 parts, the first being a selection of either, live dates, ┬ádownload link for their album “silent alarm live”, and a subscription section. The second half is very informative in regard to specific tour dates, venues and where to get tickets. The last part of the website is simply a section where it is explicitly inviting the viewer to subscribe, by adding your email. This website in specific, in regard to the minimalistic theme it has, as well as the structure of it, is how I would like to plan out my website. There is also a header, linking viewers to their range of social media accounts.